Mozy Online Backup Favicon

I admit that I am a huge Mozy fan. I use it to backup my personal photos and files and I use MozyPro to backup my business files. Of course that is not the point of this blog, the point of this blog is to highlight some great looking favicon’s, so aside from the fact that I use the Mozy, I honestly do think they have a great favicon.

Mozy Online Backup favicon

The favicon obviously is taken from the logo:
Mozy Online Backup logo

Not every logo can work well as a favicon. Many logos have to much detail, and a 16×16 pixel space is just not enough space for little details. The Mozy logo works perfectly in the 16×16 pixel space and I can only guess that someone must have been thinking about how the logo would work as an icon on desktops, taskbars and as a favicon.

Great job on the icon Mozy, oh and on a great product as well. Nice to know my photos, work files and memories are safe.

2 thoughts on “Mozy Online Backup Favicon

  1. Setting aside the fact that the are competing products for online backup, if you are interested in impressive logo and favicon design I highly recommend you check out elephantdrive ( I really think they did a great job with their logo – super simple and clean, but the elephant appears quickly and it translates into a really nice favicon.

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