There has been a long list of new things going on here at FreeFavicon and thought we would share some of the highlights.

New Hosting

It was not that long ago that we moved from to a new host, but we have moved again. This time to a DigitalOcean server. On top of DigitalOcean we are also using ServerPilot to manage the account. Really liking the server stack that ServerPilot installs. You can learn more on their website, but we find the site is very quick to respond and fast to download files. Hopefully you notice the speed improvement. I highly recommend DigitalOcean and ServerPilot if you are looking for a new host for your website.


Along with new hosting we thought it was also a good time to start to secure things around here. Thanks to ServerPilot we have also turned on SSL so your browsing and creating of favicons is now secure.

Facebook Page

We had resisted creating a Facebook page all these years, but with the move to SSL and the URL changing all the likes we had previously on the Like button on the sidebar are gone, so we decided it was time to bite the bullet and start over with a new Facebook page and box.

Latest Icons

Want to know what new icons we have added to the site? We have moved the latest icons section from the sidebar to a new page. All those little icons on the sidebar was just slowing loading down across the whole site, not to mention those little icons were hard to see, so creating a whole new page just for the latest icons helps fix a few problems all at once. So go check out the latest icons that we have added.

Think that is all for now. Hopefully you notice some speed improvement on the site and thanks for visiting and using FreeFavicon!

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