Top 10 Favicons of 2016

This is the season for top ten lists of 2016 and we thought it would be a great opportunity to take a look at some of the most popular favicons that were downloaded from the site in 2016. Before we get it to the top ten list though a quick look at the download statistics for the site show we had just over 130,000 downloads of favicons from the site in 2016! That includes both icons that we created using the home page favicon generator, the more advanced icon maker and downloads of the pre-made favicon packages!

With all those downloads there are some favicons that stand out as the most popular, and while the list might favor the icons that have been on the site the longest and miss some of the newer favicons that have been added, I can see why these top ten icons are the most downloaded from the site. In many ways they are iconic of what people want their website to be remembered for.

Number 10 – Color Star Favicon

Color Star Favicon

Number 9 – A Hand Drawn Heart

A Hand Drawn Heart Favicon

Number 8 – Newspaper

Newspaper Favicon

Number 7 – Computer

Computer Favicon

Number 6 – Business Man Avatar

Business Man Avatar Vector Favicon

Number 5 – Cat

Cat Favicon

Number 4 – Butterfly Line Art

Butterfly Line Art Favicon

Number 3 – House

House Favicon

Number 2 – Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart Favicon

Number 1 – Football Soccer Ball

Football Soccer Ball Favicon

Are there any icons you are surprised are on this list? Or what favicon did not make it?

We will be resetting the counts for the Free Favicon page today, so don’t be surprised if the page looks broken for a little while.

Have a great New Year and Holiday Season!

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