Blogger Favicon Showdown

I wanted to do something fun this week and let you decide which popular blogger has the best favicon.

Shoemoney favicon
Shoemoney’s favicon is a scaled down version of his logo and it shows up really well considering the small size of the favicon. It certainly helps to brand his blog.

Problogger favicon
Problogger’s favicon changed when he got the blog design redone last year. The new logo and favicon complement each other and help with the his branding. You can easily see the P and the Ubuntu style circle and dots on your address bar or tabs when you are on the Problogger site making it easy to find in the tabs when you are looking for it.

John Chow
John Chow favicon
John Chow’s favicon is a picture of half of his face. Considering the small size and how little space there is the favicon does appear to resemble him. I would guess there was a little Photoshop work done to make his favicon appear that clear but they did a good job. I am a little surprised it does not match his blog more, but in many ways his face is his logo.

Daily Blog Tips
Daily Blog Tips favicon
Daniel Scocco runs Daily Blog Tips a popular blogging tips blog. The Daily Blog Tips favicon clearly draws its inspiration from their blog name taking out the DBT. Considering the small space it works not to bad, although it does appear to be a little blurry to me.

Now it is your turn. Vote in our poll and help determine which popular blogger has the best favicon!