One of the regular features we are going to have here on the Free Favicon blog is a look at some of the great favicons that you can find inspirations from on the Internet. Creating a great favicon can be a challanging task, the 16×16 pixel space does not give you a lot of room for adding detail, shadows, and bevels tend to disappear or become blurs. Faces usually turn into blobs, and logos can turn into an unrecognizable mess.

CBC FaviconThere are some logos that have survived the conversion down to favicon size well and this week we would like to highlight the great favicon of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). There current logo works very well as a favicon and goes a long way to help brand their website with viewers who are accustomed to seeing the logo on television. Accorinding to Wikipedia the current logo has been in use since 1992, and was simplified from earlier versions of the logo. It is that simplified version of the logo that makes it work. If they were still trying to use the more complex logos that are listed at Wikipedia they might have ended up with a favicon that was just an unrecognizable mess.

Hats off to the CBC for a great favicon from their logo!

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