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 Tower   Favicon Preview    Color Circles   Favicon Preview    Flower   Favicon Preview    Desktop   Favicon Preview    Umbrella Red   Favicon Preview    Umbrella Black   Favicon Preview    Umbrella Closed   Favicon Preview    Mushroom   Favicon Preview    Leaves   Favicon Preview    Calculator   Favicon Preview    Lotus   Favicon Preview    Kalash   Favicon Preview    Minecraft Bed   Feet   End   Favicon Preview    Minecraft Bed   Feet   Side   Favicon Preview    Minecraft Bookshelf   Favicon Preview    Minecraft Beacon   Favicon Preview    Minecraft Bed   Feet   Top   Favicon Preview    Minecraft Bed   Head   End   Favicon Preview    Minecraft Bed   Head   Side   Favicon Preview    Minecraft Bed   Head   Top   Favicon Preview    Minecraft Cactus   Bottom   Favicon Preview    Minecraft Cactus   Side   Favicon Preview    Minecraft Brick   Favicon Preview    Minecraft Bedrock   Favicon Preview    Handgrenade   Favicon Preview    Toy Soldier   Favicon Preview    Mac Linux Lcd   Favicon Preview    Linux Lcd   Favicon Preview  

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Object Favicons

There are all kinds of object favicons available from alarm clocks to yin and yang. If you are looking for a general object favicon you will most likely find one here that you will like.

The object folder is a bit of a staging area for the favicons until they are moved into other categories. Just a letting you know things might be moved from this folder to a more appropriate area as time permits.

All favicons are packaged in zip files. You will need to download the zip file and extract the favicon.ico file to upload to your website to use.

Still can't find what you are looking for try our search box in the upper right hand corner.

There are 957 favicons in this collection. Feel free to download the favicon that you would like to use.

Please note: hotlinking to images on this website is not allowed so please download the favicon you want to use.

Some random favicons from the collection.