Matt Cutts Gets a New Favicon

This might not be as big of news as Google getting a new favicon, but Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Google’s Webspam team decided to change his favicon. His previous one was well, interesting. I grabbed this snapshot of it from the Internet Wayback Machine from December 2006, so it might not be the one he was using just before this recent change. Mattcutts old favicon

As you can see from this screenshot Matt Cutts new favicon he has gone with a favicon that uses his initials, and a green that matches the green from his blog. It is nice to see he made a change and the new favicon at least has some meaning to his website, so if you bookmark it you have an idea of who’s website you might be visiting.

If you like to keep up on Google Matt Cutts blog is a good source of information about Google, although it is not an official source of Google news, he often talks about many of the different Google products and how to use them better.

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