Needs a Favicon

You might have noticed there have been no posts for a week or so. I was on a well deserved holiday. I had someone checking in on the site here but I did not get around to writing any posts to publish while I was away. Life just got to busy with holiday plans and booking hotels and packing. you know how it is I am sure. In making my travel plans I spent a lot of time using my favorite site for doing research on hotels, aptly named

They recently did some work to their website and changed their logo and some of the colors. The site looks good but I was surprised that they have not taken the time to create a favicon. You would think that someone in their branding department would have thought of that little detail. Apparently not. I like the new logo and they have a great little icon around the “o” that looks to me like an elevator button. I thought it would make a great little favicon for their website.

Here is what I thought they could use as their favicon. It draws on their great new logo and fits the new design they have created for their site. Another idea I had was to use just the “h” with the background color but I never did anything with that idea.

What do you think? Do you think could use a favicon on their website?

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