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Welcome to the Free Favicon blog! Here we will highlight different tutorials on how to create a great looking favicon for your website, how to add it to your website, talk and highlight great looking favicons from around the Internet and most importantly we plan on allowing you to show off your great favicon. We are stll dusting around here so there is sure to be changes in the coming days and weeks as we get things in order, but feel free to subscribe to keep up with the latest about favicons.

Favicons have become more than just a 16 x 16 pixel image in your web browser of your favourite website, they have become branding and marketing symbols that help people identify with your website. This can be seen most recently with Google’s changing of their favicon from the classic capital G to the new lower case g. Google has made small changes to their homepage over the years, but the change to their favicon has people talking. Google’s favicon has become their brand. There has even been rumors that Google might be looking at changing their logo and the favicon change was the first of a series of changes. What ever might happen it is clear that Google favicon equals their brand on the Internet.

All the more reason you need to find and create that perfect favicon for your website.

2 thoughts on “Free Favicon – The Blog

  1. Hi, i have added your favicon plugin, but why the favicon only showed on the homepage (index), can it show on other page? Please tell me the steps to show my favicon on all pages of my blog.


  2. I took a quick look at your site. Looking at your code I can’t find any reference to a favicon. Try adding the following to your header file between the <head></head> tags. You might need to edit the location of the href so it points to your favicon, since it appears it is not on the root of your site. I get a 404 error when I try to access it. If you put it at the root of your website t will be easier for all the default browsers to find it.

    <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" />

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