Favicon’s in Internet Explorer

How to Add Your Favicon to Blogger is by far the most popular post on this blog. If you read through the comments you will notice that for some people it works perfectly and for others they seem to have a tough time getting it to work. The reality is that adding a favicon to a blog is a bit of a hack. Hacks sometimes break and do not always work for all web browsers. This is currently the case with adding a favicon to a blog hosted on Blogspot for Internet Explorer.

For those of you wanting desperately to have your favicon to work in Internet Explorer you have to use a .ico file, since it appears that Internet Explorer simply does not want to support the .png or other formats for the favicon. You can’t upload a .ico file to, that means you will need to host your favicon somewhere other that on An option could be Google Page Creator.

You still need to insert the code just before the closing head tag. You code then would look something like this:

<link href='' rel='shortcut icon'/>

The code is currently installed on the Free Favicon Blogger test blog and it is showing in Internet Explorer 7 on Windows Xp Pro. If it does not work for you leave a comment and we will see if it can be sorted out.

6 thoughts on “ Favicon’s in Internet Explorer

  1. Hello,

    I had gone through an ordeal before I found your tip where EXACTLY to put the code for IE. The same thing anywhere else just didn’t work. Now the favicon shows, HOWEVER, except for the subsite I posted in the title. The subsite is sort of important, I really can’t leave it like that. It includes a lot of <link tags, maybe that’s the reason? Please help!

  2. I had already created a favicon (*.ico) for my main web site. Just wanted to use that same icon for my Blogger blog. The snippet of code shown above did the trick! Thanks :)

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