Needs a Favicon

You might have noticed there have been no posts for a week or so. I was on a well deserved holiday. I had someone checking in on the site here but I did not get around to writing any posts to publish while I was away. Life just got to busy with holiday plans and booking hotels and packing. you know how it is I am sure. In making my travel plans I spent a lot of time using my favorite site for doing research on hotels, aptly named

They recently did some work to their website and changed their logo and some of the colors. The site looks good but I was surprised that they have not taken the time to create a favicon. You would think that someone in their branding department would have thought of that little detail. Apparently not. I like the new logo and they have a great little icon around the “o” that looks to me like an elevator button. I thought it would make a great little favicon for their website.

Here is what I thought they could use as their favicon. It draws on their great new logo and fits the new design they have created for their site. Another idea I had was to use just the “h” with the background color but I never did anything with that idea.

What do you think? Do you think could use a favicon on their website?

Favicon Inspiration

I was going to post a tutorial today about how to add your own favicon to a blog, but I was not quite done it when I saw this great post over at Smashing Magazine today. Favicon Episode 7 highlights some great examples of favicons that you can find on the Internet. If you are looking for some inspiration for your favicon you will certainly find some there to help you create your own for your website or blog. Of course once you design your favicon in your favorite graphic editor you can come here to Free Favicon to generate the ico file (hint hint). Don’t forget to check out some of the other posts they have on favicons as well. They have lots to inspire you! Favicon

With the historic launch of Firefox 3 this week and a huge response to their download day I thought it was only appropriate to take a look at the great favicon of the home of Firefox,

The favicon is a godzilla like creature, which does not seem to make a lot of sense, you would think it would be the Firefox logo or Thunderbird logo. If you read some of the history about how got started and about the mascot the favicon makes perfect sense.

What I like best about the favicon is how crisp and clear it is. It is easy to recognize as a godzilla type of creature. Hard to do in only a 16×16 space.

Hats off to for a great favicon and congratulations on the success of the Firefox 3 download day! I know I have been enjoying Firefox 3!

How to Add Your Favicon to Blogger

Update: Blogger has improved and these instructions are no longer needed.

** Please see our new post on how to add your favicon to Blogger blogs. ** is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the Internet, yet if you have a blog with them you are often stuck with the default favicon. Hard to brand your blog with your own personal touch when you have the favicon on the address bar. If people bookmark your blog they won’t see your favicon and might quickly forget about your website. There is no reason why you can’t change the favicon on your blog to one of your own design. You just need to follow these easy steps and soon your blog will sport your great new custom made favicon.

  1. First thing you need to do is create your own custom made favicon. In this case you do not have to use an image to favicon generator, but your image should be either a .gif or a .png. In you example we are going to use a .png file. If you are not sure what kind of image to use browse through some of the free favicons that we offer, perhaps there will be one there that you would like to use. If you do decide to use one of the many favicons we have to offer don’t click “Download this favicon” because that will give you a file in the Windows .ico format. Instead right click on the image of the and choose “Save Picture As”.
  2. After you have the image you would like to use as your favicon, goto your blog and create a new post. It does not matter what you call it since you don’t need to publish it. Once you have created a new post use the image upload button to upload your favicon to your blog.

    Once you have uploaded the image, you will need to switch to “Edit HTML” mode if you are using the “Compose” mode. Once you are looking at the HTML you will see something like this:
    <img src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5212704798569567682" border="0" />. You need to highlight and copy the part in quotes right after src. In this case it would be: You should paste it into Notepad or another text editor. You don’t want to lose this and you will be closing the editing window next.
  3. Once you have the location of the image you uploaded copied, you can click on the Layout tab of your blog. Once you are at the Layout, you need to click “Edit HTML” Look in the HTML for a tag that says <head> </head> and right below above it paste: <link href=” rel=’shortcut icon’/>
    <link href=” rel=’icon’ type=’image/png’/>
    Once you have those lines pasted into the template, copy the src of the image you want to use as you favicon that you uploaded earlier and paste it into the two lines you just added where the href=” is. In our case it looks like this: <link href='' rel='shortcut icon'/>
    <link href='' rel='icon' type='image/png'/>

    Click save template and your should now have your fancy new custom favicon showing on the address bar when you visit your blog.

If you want to see how we did it take a look at our Free Favicon blog where we added our great favicon.

You can use other free hosting services to host your custom favicon, but you don’t want to use an image hosting service that deletes images after so many days. Using to host the images works well, but you could also use Google Page Creator, or even your Flickr account.

Have fun adding your custom favicon to your blog!

Update: It appears that Internet Explorer is being difficult and might need you to use a .ico file. Check this post for more information. Favicon’s in Internet Explorer

One of the regular features we are going to have here on the Free Favicon blog is a look at some of the great favicons that you can find inspirations from on the Internet. Creating a great favicon can be a challanging task, the 16×16 pixel space does not give you a lot of room for adding detail, shadows, and bevels tend to disappear or become blurs. Faces usually turn into blobs, and logos can turn into an unrecognizable mess.

CBC FaviconThere are some logos that have survived the conversion down to favicon size well and this week we would like to highlight the great favicon of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). There current logo works very well as a favicon and goes a long way to help brand their website with viewers who are accustomed to seeing the logo on television. Accorinding to Wikipedia the current logo has been in use since 1992, and was simplified from earlier versions of the logo. It is that simplified version of the logo that makes it work. If they were still trying to use the more complex logos that are listed at Wikipedia they might have ended up with a favicon that was just an unrecognizable mess.

Hats off to the CBC for a great favicon from their logo!