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 Camera Dslr   Favicon Preview    Cactus   Favicon Preview    Fungal Forest   Favicon Preview    Heavy Cactus   Favicon Preview    Heavy Evergreen   Favicon Preview    Heafy Forest   Favicon Preview    Hills   Favicon Preview    Jungle   Favicon Preview    Light Evergreen   Favicon Preview    Light Forest   Favicon Preview    Light Jungle   Favicon Preview    Mountain   Favicon Preview    Mountains   Favicon Preview    Snowcapped Mountain   Favicon Preview    Snowcapped Mountains   Favicon Preview    Splat   Favicon Preview    Cartoon Sun   Favicon Preview    Celtic Cross   Favicon Preview    Tau Cross   Favicon Preview    Hourglass   Favicon Preview    Compass Rose   Favicon Preview    Walking Icon   Favicon Preview    Compas   Favicon Preview    Dice Bubble   Favicon Preview    Dynamite   Favicon Preview    Tree Stump   Favicon Preview    Magnet   Favicon Preview    Space Helmet   Favicon Preview  

The last 28 generated favicons:

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Try our NEW Icon Maker! Create your favicon for your website, tablets, smartphones and desktops online then download to your computer.

Try the New Icon Maker!

Generate your own favorite icon using your favorite image. Image formats that are supported include: GIF, JPG and PNG formats.

Favicon Generation Tips

Keep the graphic simple. You don't have a lot of space to work with, so focus on the most important parts. Complex logos and graphics don't work well.

Start with a square image. The favicon will be scaled to be square. If you start with a rectangle it will be distorted.

Scrolling Text (optional):

Would you like to display your own icon or animated icon on the browser address bar when visitors view or bookmark your web page? It's easy - Simply select a picture, logo or other graphic (of any size/resolution) for the Source Image and click "FavIcon Go!" You will then be able to download a .zip instantly!

Here's what a favicon ico looks like in the address bar!Why use a Favicon?

Your website is easy to remember and return to.

Your website is professional.

Your website is branded.

The favicon is that stylish little icon that is displayed next to the web site address or on the tab depending on what web browser you are using. It also shows up on your visitor's favorite's list to instantly make your site stand out! For any professional website, it is a must in branding and distinguishing a website and ultimately a business.

All versions of the major browsers support favicons, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Avant, Konqueror, Safari etc...